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08168 p0002 002218
GLENELG RIVERS 1839-1866 The surveying of major rivers in Victoria was commenced soon after the establishment of the Melbourne Survey Office to provide basic information about the physical geography of the new colony. Information produced by these surveys was very detailed and the resultant plans are extremely useful in tracing the movements of river channels since European settlement. Early pastoral settlements are sometimes plotted on these plans. This is a sub collection from VPRS 8168 Historic Plan Collection.
about 2 hours ago 12 control points
08168 p0002 003008
MS MISCELLANEOUS 1860 - 1937 M/A, D, BO, BU, C, DEF, F, I, L, M, T, U, W, X. A sub collection of VPRS 8168 Historic Plan Collection. This grouping contains a number of distinct types of plan, some of which were originally part of the record plan series. Feature Surveys F and other letters - plans showing topographical features of areas not previously surveyed for settlement. Forests Reserves W, A - cadastral plans drawn before the establishment of the Forests Department in 1880, showing the location of forest reserves. Traverse Surveys 1 - surveys conducted in various parishes before a full parish plan had been compiled. These plans were originally used as the record plan, but after fuller parish compilations were made they were put into a separate collection. Tourist Plans T298 - maps produced in the early 1900's to promote tourism in Victoria. Defence Plans DEF - cadastral plans with levels plotted, and contour maps; produced for defence purposes during the early 20th century when a fear of invasion of Port Philip by the Russians was wide-spread. The numbering of this grouping begins at 52 due to an administrative error. Contour Plans C and others - plans of various areas showing contours. Border with SA BO - copies of published plans showing the disputed territory along the Victorian - South Australian border.
1864 about 22 hours ago 4 control points
08168 p0002 008721
RUN PASTORAL RUNS 1847 - 1882 These plans portray the large areas of Crown Land licensed by squatters for grazing. All plans show the boundaries of the runs and those plans which refer to only one or a few runs may also give descriptions of vegetation and relief and plot tracks, fences, and huts. The sub-collection comprises three parts. Nos. 1-400 are a mixture of manuscripts drawn at small and large scales and may depict individual runs, or the array of runs occurring over whole regions. Nos. 401-1381 deal with individual runs and may be rough sketches or more carefully compiled manuscripts. These were originally held within pastoral run files, but in the course of microfilming these files prior to their transfer to the Public Record Office, Laverton the plans were extracted, repaired and formally added to the sub-collection. Nos. 1382 onwards are printed maps showing the distribution of runs over large areas.
1 day ago 3 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
1355 mmbw date 1897 st kilda fitzroy street ST Kilda MMBW Mosaic
A mosaic of 20 MMBW maps of the ST Kild area, Melbourne originating from Detailed Base Plans [DP] 40'=1" Numeric VPRS 8601/P0001 Compiled by Asa Letourneau. Download KML
12 months ago 20 maps 100%
(20 maps)
16625 unit19 item341 228 Gippsland Mapping - Sale Map Sheet 8321-4
VPRS 16625/P1 Aerial Photographs 1978-1979. This series of Aerial Photographs consists of diapositives and prints. These are generally copies of Department of Crown Lands and Survey (VA 538) aerial photography and in most cases were part of standard Department of Crown Lands and Survey Map Sheet Set. These were used by the State Rivers and Water Commission (VA 723), the Rural Water Commission (VA 2338), and the Rural Water Corporation (VA 4234) to produce Photomosaics to record flood elevations and extents and assist in the design of rural water supply infrastructure. Compiled by Asa Letourneau. Download KML
1978 almost 2 years ago 7 maps 100%
(7 maps)
Ararat 1 tp loimp5017 Ararat Township Parish Plan mosaic
A mosaic made up of Ararat Township Parish Plans, 1,2,3,4 from from VPRS 16171 Regional Land Office Parish and Township Plans Digitised Reference Set. Compiled by Asa Letourneau.
over 2 years ago 4 maps 100%
(4 maps)
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