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Map Title Year Last Updated Status
08168 p0002 000846
EXPLORERS ROUTES 1858-1888 Tracings and published maps of routes of exploration in Victoria and Australia generally. The maps of exploration in other colonies appear to have been collated for the production of a special map of Australia. See EXP 23 and EXP 45. A sub collection of VPRS 8168 Historic Plan Collection.
about 13 hours ago 4 control points
08168 p0002 000406
CS COASTAL SURVEYS 1802 - 1923 This sub-collection comprises precise surveys of the Victorian coastline conducted between 1840 - 1870. These surveys were intended to define the configuration of the coastline, describe the structure of coastal vegetation and identify any land occupations. They were an integral part of the early topographic survey of Victoria. Many were compiled by the surveyor George D. Smythe. Published shipping charts of the 1860's and 1870's form a small proportion of the collection; the few plans which pre-date 1840 are copies of important surveys completed before the Melbourne Survey Office was established 1837. A sub collection of VPRS 8168 Historic Plan Collection.
1843 about 13 hours ago 5 control points
08168 p0002 006293
SYDNEY SYDNEY PLANS 1837 - 1851 Manuscripts of lands surveyed for settlement prior to Victoria's separation from NSW in 1851. The plans were forwarded to the Surveyor-General's Department in Sydney as official records but were returned to Melbourne some years after Victoria became an independent colony.The plans are normally coloured and, apart from Crown allotments, often show early tracks and buildings and have general descriptions of soils and vegetation. A sub collection of VPRS 8168 Historic Plan Collection.
1840 about 21 hours ago 4 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
16625 unit19 item341 228 Gippsland Mapping - Sale Map Sheet 8321-4
VPRS 16625/P1 Aerial Photographs 1978-1979. This series of Aerial Photographs consists of diapositives and prints. These are generally copies of Department of Crown Lands and Survey (VA 538) aerial photography and in most cases were part of standard Department of Crown Lands and Survey Map Sheet Set. These were used by the State Rivers and Water Commission (VA 723), the Rural Water Commission (VA 2338), and the Rural Water Corporation (VA 4234) to produce Photomosaics to record flood elevations and extents and assist in the design of rural water supply infrastructure. Compiled by Asa Letourneau. Download KML
1978 8 months ago 7 maps 100%
(7 maps)
Ararat 1 tp loimp5017 Ararat Township Parish Plan mosaic
A mosaic made up of Ararat Township Parish Plans, 1,2,3,4 from from VPRS 16171 Regional Land Office Parish and Township Plans Digitised Reference Set. Compiled by Asa Letourneau. Download KML
11 months ago 4 maps 100%
(4 maps)
Campaspe 1 psh loimp2325 Campaspe Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2325
A mosaic of Campaspe Parish Plans, Imperial measure 2325 Compiled by Asa Letourneau. Download KML
11 months ago 2 maps 100%
(2 maps)
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